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1428 Saratoga Avenue
San Jose, CA 95129 (408) 866-0120e


Our instructors are professional performers and experienced teachers. They come from all over the world and are eager to share their experience with students of ALL ages.

Our Commitment:To Provide the Highest Quality Music Instruction to Every Student


Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Electric-Bass, Piano, Keyboard, Drums, Flute, Recorder, Saxophone, Clarinet, Voice

Lifetime registration fee………………………. $60 (non-refundable) ($40 each additional family member)
30 min. trial music lesson................................$45/lesson (non-refundable) 1 lesson per teacher


Months with 4 Lessons


Months with 5 Lessons

30 min weekly session




45 min weekly session




60 min weekly session





60 min. wkly, 3-4 students




90 min wkly, 5-8 students




SUMMER SPECIAL (June, July, Aug)


30 min. weekly lessons




45 min. weekly lessons




60 min. weekly lessons



$ 350.00/month

Tuition must be paid in full for these 3 months before June 7th to qualify for the special. Unlimited excused absents with twenty four hour notice. *

THREE MONTH SPECIALS (Sep, Oct, Nov.) (Dec, Jan, Feb) (March, April, May)

30 min. wkly Individual Music Lessons




45 min wkly, Individual Music Lessons




60 min wkly, Individual Music Lessons




Tuition must be paid by the 7th of the first month of each quarter to qualify for discounted price. You may receive TWO excused absents per month. *

* All make ups must be done within 6 months. No credit or refund will be available.


Recitals will be held two times each year.
Recital fees depend on venue.                                          (Usually $15 - $20 per participant)

No Classes on the following days:

New Years Day         Independence Day      Halloween    
                                            Thanksgiving Day    Christmas Day             New Years Eve                                       


Students will be responsible for purchasing their own supplies. Teachers will recommend material.


  • There is a one-time registration fee. Nonrefundable.
  • The fee is $60 for the first family member, $40 for each additional family member.
  • Tuition is collected on a monthly basis (not per lesson) and due before the first of the month. *prorated tuition is available with advanced notice in December, June, July and August.
  • Tuition is subject to a $10 late fee after the 7th of the month.
  • We reserve the right at our discretion to dismiss any student whose account is outstanding
  • A $12 fee will be charged on all returned checks.
  • Make-up classes will be offered for excused absences.
  • Make-up classes will not be offered for unexcused absences.
  • Make-ups will expire 6 months from the date of the missed class.
  • Excused absences will convert to unexcused absences 6 months from the date of absence.
  • 1 excused absence is allowed per teacher per calendar month.
  • Absences in excess of 1 per month, per teacher will be considered unexcused.
  • An excused absence must be scheduled AT LEAST 24 hours in advance of the lesson to be missed OR, in the event of a sudden illness or emergency (Doctor’s note is required), notice must be CALLED in to the school BEFORE the scheduled lesson time.
  • *Absences should be reported by telephone.Emails are not always viewed in a timely manner and should not be used to report an absence. Voicemail is checked regularly.
  • Excused absences may NOT be used as tuition credit.
  • An unexcused absence is one that is reported less than 24 hours in advance of the lesson to be missed, or in excess of 1 per calendar month per teacher, or an excused absence after 6 months.
  • A substitute may be provided when a teacher is ill or on vacation
  • There will be no tuition credit for missed classes.
  • No Refunds
  • Rescheduling is subject to instructor availability
  • A student’s place on a teacher’s schedule may be guaranteed for up to 2 weeks.
  • Two weeks written notice is required to drop a class.
  • Excused absences at the time of withdrawal will be forfeited. They do NOT convert to credit.


  • A family discount of 10% will be applied to the 2nd3rd6th7th10th11th classes
  • Exception: no discount for group music classes
  • *Discount will be applied to a lower amount. (ex. If a student is taking a 45 min. piano class and a 30 min. piano class, the 30 min. class will be discounted)
  • **Discount may only be applied toward a full month’s tuition and paid before the 7th. **Immediate family members only.