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Vocal School in San Jose, CA

DavidK’s Music School offers an intensive voice enrichment program that increases the range, improves tone, corrects pitch, and eliminates all the vocal defects and strains. Our voice training program will help you to eliminate all the vocal breaks so as to improve your voice quality. Our aim is to teach you the techniques to excel in any vocal form- Vocal fry, Falsetto, Head voice, Chest Voice and Blended voice lessons.

We offer courses across all levels from beginner to advanced level for students of all age groups. Our group of teachers and unique courses, have allowed us to set up ourselves as one of the best music schools in San Jose. Our main emphasis is just on delivering quality education.

Vocal Enrichment & Develoment:

Our Dynamic Vocal Lessons Include:

  • Unique Vocal Warm Up Exercises.
  • Diaphragm Breathing
  • Breath Management
  • Resonance and Singing With Power
  • Vocal Tone & pitch Imprvovement
  • Help with Higher Notes
  • Advanced Vocal Techniques

Why Prefer Davidk’s Music School?

Our trainers will expand your range at a full octave so that you can sing with ease and freedom. Vocal School San Jose strives to offer voice lessons from one of the world’s top vocal instructors. We are dedicated to provide a unique approach towards vocal lessons for guaranteed results.

  • Dedicated, Experienced and Skilled Teachers..
  • Coaching for an upcoming recording, performance or audition.
  • Lessons are individually taught by qualified educators.
  • All Ages and Abilities are Welcomed.
  • Free Registration
  • Schedule a workshop now!

You can prefer to join group voice-singing lessons or private Voice Classes.

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Voice and vocal coaches in the San Jose Bay AreaLiya Fang


Mezzo Soprano

Opera Arias, Art Songs, Broadway Songs and Pop

Ms. Fang is a graduate of the Music Conservatory of Central Philharmonic Society and the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, China with post graduate studies at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and San Jose State University.

A Professional opera singer with numerous performances in various companies in the United States, Ms. Fang is a former resident artist in the China National Opera where she toured and performed in opera festivals in Japan, China and Europe.

An award winner, herself, her students have also been the recipients of top awards from the California State Performing and Dance Arts Competition and the Western Regional Performing Arts and Talent Competition. Several of her San Jose students have auditioned for and performed in productions enjoyed by local audiences such as Mission City College’s production of “Carmen”.

Ms. Fang incorporates performance technique and staging into her voice instruction. Beginners of all ages and professionals benefit from her professional experience, dedication and energetic approach.

Ms. Fang welcomes students of all ages and all abilities.

Calll today to learn more about our San Jose vocal coaches and singing lessons.

Almaden School of Music, Art & Dance, 5353 Almaden Expressway, Ste. 12,
San Jose, CA 95118 (408) 267-3651 or (408) 267-3659