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Learn to Play The Piano

David Ks Music School offers private and in-studio piano lessons San Jose to help teens and adults generate tunes, and become successful pianists. We offer comprehensive courses and curriculum that includes both music theory and practical training to educate students about every little details of the musical instrument. Our trained and qualified piano instructors pay undivided attention to individual students and help them achieve high musicianship standards and discover their true potential as they grow into skilled pianists.

Our Piano Classes Include:

  • Private instruction
  • Group classes for beginners
  • Keyboard Arranging for producers & Songwriters
  • Kid piano and music enrichment
  • Group Classes for Pre-school or Kindergarten
  • Separate Piano Lessons Beginners, Intermediate & experts
  • Classical Piano Studies
  • Technique, Sight reading, Repertoire
  • Jazz, Blues, Pop Music
  • Improvisation
  • Liturgical Music
  • Theory, Applied Keyboard Harmony
  • Composition, Orchestration, Arranging
  • College Preparation

The David Ks Music School offers piano classes San Jose for students of all ages and abilities from beginners to experts. Our instructors provide special attention to all students to develop strong foundation in ergonomic techniques. Auxiliary skills such as ear-training, sight-reading, and theory classes run simultaneously to create a comprehensive skill set that enables student to play the style of music he or she prefers.

Styles of Piano Lessons offered:

David Ks Music School offers every style of piano lessons San Jose ranging from classical to Jazz and pop. We have students who want to learn piano just for fun and students who excel with competition and festivals. As we have a qualified team of expert piano teachers, we are able to match student with an instructor that works best with their age, ability and interest.

Our Private piano lessons are one-on-one instruction and lessons lengths are 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 1 hour. For expert students, we have teachers with masters degrees in piano who can train them for university entrance, competitions, and other performance opportunities.

Performance Opportunities Include:

We provide our students with loads of opportunities to perform on real audience to not only enhance their skills but also boost their confidence. With David Ks Music School, you can avail following optional performance opportunities :

  • Bimonthly Workshops
  • Informal performance opportunities to try out new pieces and get feedback from instructor
  • Local festival and recitals hosted by other institutes
  • Auditions
  • Local, regional and state-wide competitions

Contact us:

Feel free to contact us on (408) 866-0120 to learn more about our piano classes San Jose. We will be glad to guide you!

San Jose Piano Lessons

David K's Music School offers in-studio piano lessons to San Jose residents and the surrounding Bay Area cities. Please read the piano instructors profile below. Mr.Goldman is just one of our 8 professional piano instructors. Please click here to see all our piano teachers. Please call us at 408-866-0120 to schedule your lessons today.

Piano Lessons in the San Jose Bay AreaALEX GOLDMAN

Classical Piano, Jazz Piano and Improvisational Piano

Graduate Academy of Fine Arts in Russia

· More than 20 years Experience Teaching and Performing
· Laureate of Popular Music Competitions in Europe
· Classical Composer
· Jazz Performer
· Choir Conductor

Mr. Goldman has shared his professional accomplishments with audiences and students in Russia, Israel and the United States.

His optimistic outlook, encouraging approach to teaching piano and outstanding Russian education combine to benefit each of his piano students.

Mr. Goldman welcomes students of all ages and abilities from all over the San Jose Bay Area. Whether you are an advanced piano student, intermediate piano student or beginner paino student, Mr. Goldman has the piano skills for all levels.

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San Jose, CA 95118 (408) 267-3651 or (408) 267-3659
DAVID K’S MUSIC SCHOOL, 1428 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose, CA 95129
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